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Welcome to the WTC WebCam!

This PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) camera is mounted 200 feet up the old TV tower on the northeast corner of Highways 24 & 99.

The WebCam Controls are now working! Be patient with your clicks. The picture updates every 3 seconds. Be sure to join in the chat on the left... visit with others while viewing Wamego.



WebCam Controls:
Up | Down | Left | Right | Zoom In | Zoom Out
Places of Interest:
WTC | The Water Tower | Jeffrey Energy Center | Wamego Middle School | Wamego High | Looking East on Hwy 24 | Looking West on Hwy 24 | The WebCam Tower | The Columbian Theater | Downtown Wamego | Belvue | Sports Complex

Places of Interest:
Best View for 4th of July Parade!
Looking North on Hwy 99 | Looking South on Hwy 99 | Vanderbilts | The Friendly Cooker | Cooker Parking | City Hall | UMC | The Lumber Cat | Shananagans